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The Resurrection
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • The Resurrection
  • Nottingham, England
  • 15th century
  • Relief
  • Alabaster, gilded and painted
  • Height: 44.5 cm
    Width: 27.9 cm
  • S3
  • Sixteenth Century Gallery
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  • Production of sculpted panels in gypsum alabaster (sulphate of lime) flourished in Nottingham and surrounding areas in the fifteenth century. Most depict scenes from the Passion of Christ, the Life of the Virgin or saints and martyrdoms. They were painted and gilded, and usually set within a wooden framework, either singly or in a series, to form altarpieces. The subject of the Resurrection of Christ (Matthew 28: 3) is one of the commoner subjects for Nottingham alabasters. This particular example is notable for the fine state of preservation of its painted and gilded surface.