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Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden
  • South Germany
  • 1520 - 1550
  • Relief
  • Pearwood, sandalwood, glass, turtleshell and ebonised wood, carved
  • Height: 11.67 cm, main relief
    Width: 8.4 cm, main relief
    Height: 16.3 cm, with inner frame
    Width: 12.05 cm, with inner frame
    Height: 25.8 cm, with outer frame
    Width: 21.5 cm, with outer frame
  • Signature: 'ADAM D'
  • S291
  • Smoking Room
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  • Almost nothing is known about the sculptor Adam D, beyond his tantalisingly cryptic signature and a handful of works. He was one of the leading members of a group of wood-carvers in the so-called Danube school, who worked in an area bounded by Salzburg, Passau and Prague and who often evoked the lush forests and mountains of the region in their art. Although the human figures in this refined relief are placed in the foreground, the composition is determined by the almost overpoweringly luscious forest landscape, in which animals abound.