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Dianora (Leonora) Altoviti
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  • Niece of Pope Innocent VIII, Dianora or Leanora Cybo became known as “La Papessa” on account of the influence she held over her uncle. In 1487 she married Antonio Altoviti, member of a family of bankers who would greatly benefit from the favour bestowed by Innocent VIII, becoming the Pope’s treasurer and head of the papal mint. Their son, Bindo Altoviti, would become one of the greatest art patrons of the time.

    S343 belongs to a large group of medals depicting wealthy and aristocratic Florentine women produced in the workshop and circle of Niccolò Fiorentino in the late 15th century. The diffusion of such medals suggests that they might have served as family portraits and ours might have been made in connection with Dianora’s marriage to Altoviti in 1487.