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Cuvette à fleurs 'Courteille' of the second size
  • Pair of Flower Vases
  • Cuvette à fleurs 'Courteille' of the second size
  • Manufacture de Sèvres
  • Probably Jean-Claude Chambellan Duplessis, the Elder (1695 - 1774), Designer
    Jean-Louis Morin (1732 - 1787), Painter
  • Sèvres, France
  • 1772
  • Soft-paste porcelain, painted and gilded
  • Height: 14.9 cm
    Width: 25 cm
  • Factory mark: Interlaced L's enclosing 't' the date letter for 1772
    Factory mark: Interlaced Ls enclosing 'T' the date letter for 1772
    Inscription: 'anée 1772'
    Painter's mark: 'm' for Jean-Louis Morin Painted
    Painter's mark: 'M' for Jean-Louis Morin op. 1754-87
    Incised mark: 'IP'
    Incised mark: a triangle
  • C212-13
  • Back State Room
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  • The 'cuvette'-type vases were often produced in pairs and would have been filled with either natural flowers or lavish porcelain flowers which were also made at the Sèvres manufactory. This particular model is named after the marquis de Courteille, the King’s representative in charge of the Vincennes/Sèvres manufactory, to whom the first example of this model was presented in December 1753.
    The vases are decorated with a rich 'beau bleu' overglaze ground colour, which was introduced in1763 (then still called 'bleu nouveau') to replace the previous underglaze blue that was less stable in the kiln. The front reserves show atmospheric harbour scenes by Jean-Louis Morin (op. 1754-1787), one of Sèvres' most skilled figure painters who specialised in this subject. The backs of the vases feature sprays of flowers, which, unusually, were not painted in enamel colours but gilding.
    The pair was possibly bought by Louis XV in 1772.