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Cuvette à fleurs 'Roussel' of the second size and cuvettes 'Verdun' of the third size
  • Garniture of Three Flower Vases
  • Cuvette à fleurs 'Roussel' of the second size and cuvettes 'Verdun' of the third size
  • Manufacture de Sèvres
  • André-Vincent Vielliard (1717 - 1790), Painter
  • Sèvres, France
  • 1761
  • Soft-paste porcelain, painted and gilded.
  • C227, Object size: 13 x 27.4 cm
    C228, Object size: 11.2 x 23.3 cm
    C229, Object size: 11.4 x 23.6 cm
  • Factory mark: Interlaced Ls enclosing 'H' the date letter for 1761 Painted
    Painter's mark: for André-Vincent Vielliard Painted
    Incised mark: 'Bf'
  • C227-9
  • European Armoury III
Further Reading
  • This garniture consists of three vases, a 'cuvette Roussel' (previously known as 'cuvette Verdun', and re-identified in 2014) and two 'cuvettes Verdun' (previously 'vase à compartiments' or 'Choisy')
    The dark-blue 'bleu lapis' ground is overlaid with elaborate gilding and the figural scenes on the front reserves, painted by André-Vincent Vieilliard (op. 1752-1790), show cheerful peasant scenes derived from engravings after David Teniers the Younger. A marked contrast to both the elaborate luxury of the Sèvres pieces and the noble society for whom they were produced, such mundane scenes of peasant life were introduced in 1758 and remained highly popular until the mid-1760s.
    The garniture appears to have been sold by the dealer Simon-Philippe Poirier to Louis XVs mistress Madame du Barry on 12 July 1769 and was subsequently displayed in her bedroom at Louveciennes.