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Vase 'pot pourri Pompadour' of the third size
  • Pair of Pot-Pourri Vases and Covers
  • Vase 'pot pourri Pompadour' of the third size
  • Manufacture de Sèvres
  • Jean-Claude Chambellan Duplessis, the Elder (1695 - 1774), Designer
  • Sèvres, France
  • 19th century (decoration)
  • Soft-paste porcelain and gilt-bronze, painted and gilded
  • C239, Object size: 29 x 14.5 cm
    C240, Object size: 29.4 x 14.5 cm
  • Factory mark: Interlaced Ls enclosing 'D' the date letter for 1757 Painted, showing as lines etched in the glaze
    Painter's mark: 'G', unidentified For an unidentified painter, painted, showing as lines etched in the glaze
    Incised mark: '4'
  • C239-40
  • Reserve Vault 2
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  • This model was named after the king’s official mistress, who not only was a great supporter of the manufactory herself, but also encouraged Louis XV’s enthusiasm for its products. The broadly undulating rococo forms of the vases are mirrored in the scroll- and wave-patterned cartouches around the openings on body and lid.
    The gilt-bronze knops (a rosette surmounted by two dolphins) and collars are a nineteenth-century addition, as was probably the painted decoration. The front reserves show bucolic scenes based on prints after François Boucher, a common source for eighteenth-century Sèvres painters. But given the inferiour quality of the flower painting on the back and the fact that ground colour and shape of the reserves are inconsistent with the date letter for 1756 (both didn't occur before the 1760s), it is likely that the vases were re-decorated in the nineteenth century. They bear the painter’s mark G, wholly associated with floral decoration, so the vases probably originally featured painted flowers on white ground.