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Medieval and Renaissance Treasures

Medieval and Renaissance Treasures

In every category of art represented in the Wallace Collection there are works of the highest quality. The Collection is probably best known for its paintings by artists such as Titian, Rembrandt, Hals (‘The Laughing Cavalier’) and Velázquez and for its superb collections of eighteenth-century French paintings, porcelain, furniture and gold boxes, probably the best to be found anywhere outside France. But there are also splendid medieval and Renaissance objects, including Limoges enamels, maiolica, glass and bronzes, as well as one of the finest arrays of princely arms and armour in Britain.
Each month the Wallace Collection highlights a work of art, both in the Museum and on the website, as ‘Treasure of the Month’. In this new Insight Tour, we have gathered together some of the most remarkable of these objects from the Medieval and Renaissance period. Click on the Tour tab to explore this fascinating collection.