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Giovanni Bernardo Carbone (1616 - 1683)
  • Place of Birth: Albaro, near Genoa, Italy
  • Place of Death: Genoa, Italy
Works of Art

Carbone was one of the finest but now least known of Van Dyck's Italian followers. Most of Carbone's works are still in Italy, many in private collections, which explains in part the artist's relative obscurity today. He specialised in ambitious portraits, often depicting his subjects full-length on palatial terraces, recalling Van Dyck's Genoese manner. One such work by Carbone is still in Genoa today and shows A Young Lady on a Terrace. The same treatment of drapery, curtain and hands can be seen in Portrait of a Nobleman. Both pictures reveal a highly distinctive handling of landscape, typical of the work of Carbone.

More than any number of copies, Carbone's reinterpretations of Van Dyck's compositional ideas, and his adoption of Van Dyck's stylistic techniques, provide an eloquent testimony to the continuing power of Van Dyck's legacy in Italy throughout the seventeenth century.