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Jean-Baptiste-Jacques Augustin (1759 - 1832)
  • Place of Birth: Saint-Dié, Vosges, France
  • Place of Death: Paris, France
Works of Art

Born in Saint-Dié, near Nancy, where he studied with the miniature painter Claudot before moving to Paris in 1787. In 1789 he married his pupil Pauline du Cruet, herself a miniature painter. He was less popular than his rival Isabey with Napoleon I, but was miniature painter to Louis XVIII. Amongst his numerous pupils were Alexandre Delatour (see M98) and Lizinka Rue, later Mme. De Mirbel (see M282). Augustin disputes with Isabey the claim of being the greatest French miniaturist of the early 19th century; he was a friend of David and his style was more classical and austere than that of Isabey.