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Louis-Nicolas van Blarenberghe (1716 - 1794)
  • Place of Birth: Lille, France
  • Place of Death: Fontainebleau, France
Works of Art

The son of the Flemish battle painter Jacques-Wilhelm van Blarenberghe (c.1679-1742), he moved to Paris from his birthplace, Lille, in 1750. In 1769 he was appointed battle painter to the War Department in Paris, and in 1773 painter to the Ministry of Marine. He is best known, however, as a painter of miniatures. His best known work, the Choiseul Box (1770; private collection) shows interiors of the duc de Choiseul’s residence in Paris. His son, Henri-Joseph Van Blarenberghe (1741–1826), worked in style which is almost indistinguishable from that of his father.