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Penelope Carwardine (1730 - 1801)
  • Place of Birth: Herefordshire, England
  • Place of Death: England
Works of Art

Eldest of six daughters of a Herefordshire family, she took up miniature painting to earn her living after her father’s ruin. The main body of the work ascribed to her is dated from 1750 – 1765. She married a Butler, a church organist, it is said c. 1772 and no miniatures by her after this date are known. For many years it was believed that some of the miniatures signed P.C. were by supposed sister Francis and Samuel Cotes called Penelope Cotes, but there is no trace of such a person. A miniature portrait of ‘Mrs Butler paintress’ painted in 1767 (i.e. before the presumed date of her marriage) by Ozias Humphry is in the collection of the Fondation Custodia, Paris.