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Niclas Lafrensen (1737 - 1807)
  • Place of Birth: Stockholm, Sweden
  • Place of Death: Stockholm, Sweden
Works of Art

Niclas Lavfrensen was a major painter of miniature portraits and erotic scnes of Swedish origin who was working in France over long periods of time. Because of his bi-national career, he was also called Nicolas Lavreince or Lawrence

Lafrensen was born on 30 October 1737 in Stockholm where he studied under his father, the miniaturist Niclas Lafrensen (1698-1756), and attended the Swedish Academy. He was in Paris 1762-9, probably practising as a miniaturist. He returned to Stockholm in 1769 to paint a number of miniature portraits for the Court, and was made member of the Academy in 1773.

In 1774 he returned to Paris to paint erotic, some times pornographic, subjects in miniature (cf. M257-61 in this Collection) and gouache, many of which were engraved. He left Paris at the Revolution, returning in 1791 to Stockholm where he painted historical subjects in gouache and portraits in miniature, and where he died on 7 December 1807.