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Pieter Neeffs the Elder (1578 - 1656)
  • Place of Birth: Antwerp, Belgium
  • Place of Death: Antwerp, Belgium
Works of Art

He was probably born in Antwerp, where he was active as a painter of church interiors by 1605 when he signed the Gothic Church now at Dresden. In 1609 he entered the guild in Antwerp where he married in 1612. His works show the influence of the elder and younger Hendrick van Steenwyck and it has been suggested he was a pupil of the former.

His sons Lodewijck (b. 1617) and Peeter II (1620-after 1675) seem to have been employed in his workshop, but their contributions are difficult to distinguish. The figures in his church interiors were often painted by other artists, including Frans Francken II (1581-1642) and Frans Francken III (1607-67) who sometimes added their signatures.