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Wijnand (Us Johannes Josephus) Nuyen (1813 - 1839)
  • Place of Birth: The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Place of Death: The Hague, The Netherlands
Works of Art

Born on 4 March 1813 in The Hague where he was enrolled at the Drawing Academy 1825-8, studying under Bartholomeus van Hove and Schelfhout, whose daughter he married. He painted landscapes in Gelderland before visiting Germany and France (Rouen and the Normandy coast) with A. Waldorp in 1833.

He grew familiar with the picturesque views of Eugène Isabey and Bonington and the lithographs of Prout and Harding, but the considerable promise he displayed was hardly fulfilled before his early death at The Hague on 3 July 1839.