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Corneille de Lyon (1500 - 1575)
  • Place of Birth: The Hague, The Netherlands
  • Place of Death: Lyon, France
Works of Art

A Netherlandish portrait painter who spent most of his active career in Lyon. Corneille was one of the most important representatives of the international mixture of artistic influences that made Lyon a major centre of Renaissance art. His work is representative of the best Netherlandish portraiture of the time. Corbeille was born in The Hague at an unknown date and trained either there or in Antwerp. He was by 1533 established as a portrait painter in Lyon where he spent most of his life, known as Corneille de La Haye (Corneille of The Hague). In 1541 Corneille became painter to the dauphin, in 1548, on the occasion of a royal visit to Lyon, painter to the king (Henri II). While he was successful with at the royal court, a large part of his work depicted members of the wealthy Lyon middle-class. Naturalised as a French subject in 1547, he was received into the Catholic church in 1569 and was buried in Lyon on 8 November 1575.The re-catholisation of Lyon in the 1560s seems to have undermined his artistic success in the city.
Corneille's portraits are all of a small size (of at most 15 by 19 cm) but represent the individuality of his sitters with great power in an outstanding Renaissance fashion.