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Antonio Cicognara (1480 - 1500)
  • Place of Birth: Cremona, Italy
  • Place of Death: Cremona, Italy
Works of Art

A little known Cremonese painter and illuminator, his first known work, a Virgin and Child, signed and dated 1480 (Ferrara), is of poor quality. More able is his subsequent work as a miniaturist, including two antiphonaries and a psalter he illuminated for the Cathedral of Cremona in 1482-3. Later he is recorded working as a painter for San Rocco and the Ospedale della Pièta in the same city in 1486 and 1487. The following decade he signed and dated a Virgin and Child with Saint Catherine of Alexandria and a Female Saint (Milan, private collection) and in 1493 he painted a Saint Hyacinth on a pilaster in San Pantaleone, Cremona. He was last recorded in 1500 evaluating work by Ambrogio Bergognone in the sanctuary of the Incoronata at Lodi.