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Hendrik Hondius the Elder (1573 - 1650)
  • Place of Birth: Duffel (Brabant), Belgium
  • Place of Death: The Hague, The Netherlands
Works of Art

Born on 9 June 1573 in Duffel in Brabant. He studied in Brussels with the goldsmith G. van Gelder, and in Antwerp under J. Wienix andi. Vredeman de Vries, with whom he published a treatise on perspective in 1604-5. In 1597 he was received into the guild in The Hague where he stayed except for short trips to Cologne, Paris and London.

He worked as a draughtsman, publisher and engraver of landscapes, genre scenes, portraits, architectural subjects and technical treatises.

He is last recorded in The Hague in 1649, when his self-portrait was published in. J. Meyssens' Ikonographie. His son, Willem Hondius (c.1597 1652) was also a draughtsman engraver.