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Jacques Caffieri (1678 - 1755)
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Place of Death: Paris, France
Works of Art

Caffiéri was a bronze-caster, sculptor and designer. Caffiéri was a member of the Académic de Saint-Luc, Paris, he became a master bronze-caster and chaser in Paris before 1715 and in an unknown earlier date, received the title of Sculpteur et Ciseleur Ordinaire des Bâtiments du Roi. It was his role in the decorative arts that allowed him to achieve his reputation and become a prominent bronze worker in the reign of Louis XV.

Caffiéri specialised in the Louis XV style. Animals and fantastic beasts, figures of gods and heroes, all combined with elaborate curves that are emphasized by leafy, flowered branches, typical of the asymmetrical Louis XV style, feature prominently in his early works.