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Antoine-Toussaint Cornailles (1735 - 1812)
Works of Art

Painter and gilder, op. 1755 - 1800.

He worked at Chantilly, where he is recorded in 1754, before moving to Vincennes in April 1755. He was a flower painter specializing in bouquets, garlands, baskets and floral border patterns often accompanied by foliage, mosaic, or a pearl border. Records also include monograms, friezes and arabesques. He may also have painted birds. He worked largely on tea, service and useful wares, but also painted flower vases. In 1778 he contributed to the Catherine II service.

He married Marie-Marguerite Mouton. He left the factory in December 1773, returning in November 1795, but may have continued to do piecework.