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Guillaume Noël (1734 - 1804)
  • Place of Birth: Nancy, France
  • Place of Death: Sèvres, France
Works of Art

Painter, gilder and burnisher, op. 1755 - 1807.

He was employed in the workshop of Perrignon at Nancy before entering the Vincennes factory on 22 May 1755. Throughout his career he painted sprays and bouquets of flowers, sometimes with fruit, garlands and border patterns. He frequently painted roses, singly in individual reserves, in groups, in mosaic patterns, or combined with foliage, pansies or gilding. He may occasionally have undertaken more elaborate floral compositions of flowers in vases.

He applied ground colours and various patterned grounds. He was frequently seconded to the gilders; and burnishers’ workshops and many of his friezes and other patterns involving him in both gilding and painting on a single piece. He worked on both hard and soft paste.

Almost all his work was on tea, service and useful wares.