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Jean-Armand Fallot (active between: 1764 - 1790)
Works of Art

Ground-colour worked, painter, gilder, burnisher and enameller, op. 1764 - 1790.

He entered the factory in 1764. Within a year of his arrival he invented a new blue ground colour (‘bleu Fallot’). By 1771 he was also working as a painter of birds. He changed to the hard-paste gilders’ workshop in 1773, but from 1775-8 moved onto piecework as a painter, gilder and burnisher.

He chiefly painted birds, often in gilding, sometimes also in silver. They were frequently accompanied by arabesques or friezes or a variety of other effects. He also painted butterflies, landscapes, flowers and chinoiseries. Probably most of his work was on hard-paste cups and saucers. He also decorated vases.