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Pierre-Joseph Rosset (1734 - 1799)
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
Works of Art

Painter, gilder, scribe and secretary, op. 1753 - 1795. Secretary 1795 - 1800.

He studied drawing before entering the Vincennes factory as a painter of flowers in August 1753. By 1767 he had begun to paint landscapes; these became his principal speciality and most original contribution. Besides painted reserves, he also worked on border patterns combining landscapes with flowers or garlands, with mosaic patterns, and with arabesques. His landscapes were often painted in monochrome, in two colours, or gilded. They only occasionally had specific subjects. The painters’ records also include flower sprays and floral borders, monograms, Buffon birds, butterflies, and chinoiserie scenes in gold on a black background.

He worked on tea, service and useful wares and vases. In 1786 he painted blue monochrome children in landscapes on a replacement bowl for a fountain of 1755, adapting his style to match the much earlier piece.

In 1795 he retired as a painter, continuing to work for the factory administration as scribe and secretary.