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Nicolas Sinsson (1738 - 1795)
Works of Art

Painter and gilder, op. 1773 - 1795.

He is recorded at the factory of Sceaux in 1771 and joined the hard-paste painters’ workshop at Sèvres on 7 July 1773. Employed initially as a flower painter, he came to specialize during the 1780’s in friezes and arabesques. He painted flowers in sprays, bouquets and garlands, in baskets and vases, normally combining these motifs in border patterns sometimes with fruit, birds, foliage, ribbons or mosaic patterns. The painters’ records also include animals, monograms, coats-of-arms, arabesques and attributes. In 1781 he painted dolphins, with lilies or roses, on cups commemorating the birth of the dauphin.

The majority oh his work seems to have been on hard paste, and he often partially scraped away the ground colour before applying painted decoration, or painted directly onto the ground.

His son Jacques-Nicolas became a painter at Sèvres in 1795.