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Louis-Jean Thévenet (1707 - 1778)
Works of Art

Painter, op. 1741 - 1778

He was a fan painter before coming to Vincennes in 1741. In 1746 he was sent to Paris with Massue to copy Meissen flowers and he painted flowers from life to serve as models in the painter’s workshop. By 1750 he appears to have taken charge of pointing flowers sculpted in the Gravant workshop.

In the 1760’s he was doing more ordinary work. He specialized chiefly in flowers although he also painted birds. By 1760 he was also working on friezes (sometimes including landscapes), and these became an increasingly important part of his production.

By 1755 he was married with two sons and four daughters. His wife painted flowers from the Gravant workshop, one or both sons became painters, two daughters married the painters Bouilliat and Levé and became painters themselves, another became a burnisher.