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Jean-Baptiste-Emmanuel Vandé (1716 - 1779)
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Place of Death: France
Works of Art

Gilder, burnisher and painter, op. 1753 - 1780.

Before entering the factory in April 1753 he had been a painter in oils. According to the enrolment register he started as burnisher and in 1757 became head of the burnishers. In the pay rolls his name appears at first among painters and from August 1755 with the gilders; however the burnishers are not separately listed in the pay rolls until November 1756 and then Vandé was first among them. By October 1759 he was working as a gilder. The fact that his name and mark appears at the back of the painters’ register implies that he was active as a painter c. 1755.