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François le Vavasseur (1730 - 1770)
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
Works of Art

Painter, op. 1753 - 1780.

François Levavasseur worked at Sceaux before entering Vincennes in January 1753. His work is not recorded in the documents, but pieces with the mark, which can reasonably be attributed to him, are decorated with flowers or fruit.

In 1756 when the factory was moving from Vincennes to Sèvres, Levevasseur absented himself for a few daus without informing the factory, apparently to look after his pregnant wife; he was arrested and brought back. In 1757, accused of speaking impertinently to the chef d’atelier (foreman), refusing to make a public apology and threatened with dismissal, he left the factory without permission; a few months later he returned and made his apology.