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André-Vincent Vielliard (1717 - 1790)
  • Place of Birth: Paris, France
  • Place of Death: Sèvres, France
Works of Art

Painter and gilder, op. 1752 - 1790.

He was a fan painter before entering Vincennes in September 1752. During the 1750’s and 1760’s he was the principle painter of children in landscapes, copying drawings or engravings after Boucher. At first these scenes were painted only in white reserves, sometimes accompanied by trophies, birds or flowers; later they were adapted to fill coloured reserves.

From 1758/9, like Caton, Dodin and Morin, he painted Teniers scenes. Of the four, he was the least talented draughtsman and in the mid-1760’s he moved on to landscapes, his most ambitious incorporated into, or accompanied by, decorative borders or friezes.

He was the half brother of Evans the bird painter at Sèvres and married Marie-Charlotte Beuré, one of their sons becoming a painter at the factory in 1784.