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Christophe-Ferdinand Caron (1774 - 1831)
  • Place of Birth: Saint-Cloud, France
  • Place of Death: Sèvres, France
Works of Art

Painter and gilder, op. 1791 - 1815

Son a of a Sèvres répareur. He studied under Jacques Barraban, and under Bachelier at Sèvres, becoming a member of the factory’s workforce in 1791 or 1792. His work included coats-of-arms, children, antique figures, heads and attributes imitating bronze and allegorical figures and attributes in grisaille. The nineteenth-century pay rolls record his specialities as landscape, genre and animals. He also worked as a gilder applying inscriptions to 48 medallions in 1793. From 1808-14 he exhibited watercolours and gouaches of birds in the Salons, and a watercolour view of the factory in the Sèvres archives is attributed to him. Most of his work was on cups and saucers, but he also decorated vases.