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Adrien-Jean Maximilien Vachette (1753 - 1839)
Works of Art

A.-J.-M. Vachette was born at Cauffry on 19 June 1753 and at the age of twenty-six he became a master, sponsored by Pierre-François Drais (q.v.), on 21 July 1779. At that date he was living in the place Dauphine in Paris, near the Point-Neuf. After the Revolution he is recorded in 1805 at 3 quai de l’Horloge, in 1806 at 45 quai du Nord, in 1810 at 45 quai de l’Horloge, and by his death on 23 September 1839 in the rue Chanoinesse. During his long career, both before and after the French Revolution, Vachette was associated with Marie-Etienne Nitot, jeweller to Napoleon I, and with Charles Ouizille, who supplied jewels to Louis XVIII and Charles X. Vachette was also the master of Jean-Valentin Morel, “chef d’atelier” of the goldsmith Fossin who supplied Prince Anatole Demidoff. While Vachette’s early work resembles that of his master P.-F. Drais, his inventive use of materials to decorate boxes, drew on an exceptional canon, which included hardstones, both European and Oriental, micro-mosaics, tortoiseshell, Japanese lacquer, miniatures and Roman glass.