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Francesco Xanto Avelli da Rovigo (c. 1486 - c. 1542)
  • Place of Birth: Rovigno, Italy
Works of Art

Avelli was an Italian maiolica painter. More is known about Avelli than any other Maiolica painter because of his many signed works and the autobiographical details included in his sonnets. Avelli considered himself to be not only an artist but also a poet and courtier. It appears that he never directed his own workshop but he is known to have worked in Urbino from 1530, the year of his first and unequivocally signed and dated plate.

Avelli’s familiarity with classical and contemporary literature is demonstrated in the themes he depicted. His style is characterised by a strong sense of line, an interest in anatomy and architecture and the use of broad and usually harmonious palette that sometimes included iridescent lustres.