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Juan Simón Gutiérrez (1643 - 1718)
  • Place of Birth: Medina Sidonia, Cádiz, Spain
  • Place of Death: Seville, Spain
Works of Art

Born in Medina Sidonia, near Cádiz. He was a member of the Seville Academy 1664-72, and was probably taught by Murillo whose style he faithfully imitated. He married in 1677 and was buried in the church of S. Pedro, Seville, in 1724. A large lunette canvas, The Death of Saint Dominic, dated 1711, in the Seville Museum, provides the basis for attributions; there is a Virgin and Child with Augastinian Saints by him in the Convent of the Trinidad de Carmona, Seville, and an attributed Saint Francis in Ecstasy is in the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool.