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Ulrich Diefstetter (active between: 1555 - 1589)
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Ulrich Diefstetter was Bavarian court swordsmith 'in der Au', and is recorded by frequent payments in the Ducal accounts between 1555 and 1589. A sword blade inscribed ARIAS PANTMER IN VRI/ VLRICH DIEFSTETER IN MANACI, with the arms of Bavaria and the monk's head of Munich stamped on it, is in the Schweizerisches Landesmuseum, Zurich (Inv. No. LM27328). At least five generations of the Diefstetter family were swordsmiths. Caspar I was active in the 15th century, and his son, Melchior is known to have worked in Au near Munich; he is recorded as not being of full age in 1497. About 1523 he was recorded with two sons, Georg and Ulrich. He died in or before 1556 and was survived by a widow, Barbara, and eight children still minors. One of his other sons, Caspar II, was a swordsmith in Munich by 1537 and died in 1552. The fourth generation of the family is represented by Arsatius Diefstetter, active 1588-1616, and the fifth by his sons Hans, who died in 1613, and Albrecht, active 1616 to 1630, latterly in Passau.