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Caremolo Modrone (1489 - 1543)
  • Place of Birth: Milan, Italy
  • Place of Death: Mantua, Italy
Works of Art

Caremolo Modrone (or di Mondrone), the court armourer of the Dukes of Mantua, was born in Milan in 1489. He worked principally for Federigo Gonzaga, from 1521, making personal and munition armours, but he also carried out commissions for the Emperor Charles V and for Alfonso d'Avalos, marchese del Vasto. Of two armours made by him for Charles V, the first, presented in 1534, is still in the Real Armeria, Madrid (A112); the second, delivered in 1536, is believed to be A114 at Madrid. Modrone died in Mantua in 1543.