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Pierre-François Drais
Works of Art

P.-F. Drais was the son of Pierre Drais, who, like P.-F. Drais, had an address in the place Dauphine in Paris. He was sponsored as master by Jean Frémin (q.v.) in 1763. At that date he was living with Jean Ducrollay (q.v.), together with Louis Roucel (q.v.). His trade card engraved by Pierre Choffard in 1764 states that he was the pupil of Jean Ducrollay. In 1766, he advertised the loss of snuffbox, in 1772 the loss of a “boîte de chasse, en or” and in 1776 the loss of a diamond-set needle, a diamond ring and a tortoiseshell box with portraits of ladies. From 1770 he was styled “bijoutier du Roi” and supplied the Menus Plaisirs. In 1781 Drais moved to the quai des Orfèvres where he remained until 1788. In 1786 he formed a partnership with Charles Ouizille (q.v.), who had previously been in business with Jean-Marie Tiron de Nanteuil (q.v.), who had taken over Ducrollay's workshop in 1761.