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Vincent Taillandier (1736 - 1790)
Works of Art

Painter, gilder and burnisher, op. 1752 - 1790.

He is recorded at Sceaux in 1752 and entered the Vincennes factory in August 1753. He specdialized initially in sprays and garlands of flowers, sometimes with fruit, and was particularly noted for his ability to work on a small scale.

The painters’ records include a wide variety of floral patters, flowers in baskets, vases, garden landscapes and monograms, birds, friezes, arabesques, Buffon birds, monograms and rebuses. He also applied blue fillets and hatching, worked as a gilder and burnisher, and retouched the work of other artists. He worked on both hard and soft paste.

He decorated tea, service and useful wares, occasionally plaques, and various flower and ornamental vases, to many of which he applied only a plain or patterned ground. He contributed to the Catherine II service and services decorated with Buffon birds.

He married Geneviève Le Roy who also worked at the factory (see Geneviève Taillandier).