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Michel Witz the younger (1539 - 1588)
Works of Art

Michel Witz II was an Innsbruck armourer, probably the son of the elder Michel Witz. He enrolled as a burgher in 1539, and paid tax for the last time in 1588. He made an important garniture for field, joust, and tourney for one of the Trapp family in about 1530 (Churburg Castle, No. 97), and another for Friedrich II, Graf zu Furstenberg, dated 1531 (Vienna, Hofjagd- und Rustkammer, No. A 351), and a field armour for Franziscus von Castelalt (Vienna, Hofjagd- und Rustkammer, No. A 352). Witz worked for the Imperial Court only as a maker of munition armour.