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Jacopo (Jacopo Tatti, called) Sansovino (1486-1570)
  • Place of Birth: Florence
Works of Art

Born in Florence in 1486, Jacopo Tatti entered the workshop of the sculptor Andrea Sansovino in 1502 and in honour of his master adopted the name Sansovino by which he is still known today. A sculptor and architect, he was one of the key artists exporting the Florentine Renaissance style to Venice.

He had the opportunity to study classical sculpture up close while working in Rome with Giuliano da Sangallo for Pope Julius II, restoring antiques. The study of classical models is evident in his work, as testified by his famous marble figure of Bacchus, made after his return to Florence (1514). He was again in Rome from 1518 until 1527, but after the brutal sack of the city, he moved to Venice. Here he became friend with Titian and was soon appointed chief architect of the city. His work is characterised by a perfect fusion of architecture and sculpture and he executed numerous large-scale bronze figures destined to the decoration of his buildings.