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Equestrian armour
  • Equestrian armour
  • Possibly Ulrich Rämbs , Armourer
  • Germany, partially Landshut
  • c. 1480
    1800 - 1899 (gauntlets)
  • Iron, low- and medium-carbon steels, leather, felt, canvas, wood and copper alloy, fluted, pierced, chiselled, etched, punched, embossed and engraved
  • Weight: 27.161 kg, Total for man's armour
    Weight: 30.07 kg, Total for horse's armour
    Weight: 10.17 kg, Total for mail
  • Armourer's mark: Two marks, one of them is the guild mark of Landshut
    Armourer's mark: A hat, the mark of the Bavarian city of Landshut
  • A21
  • European Armoury II
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