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Full armour
  • Full armour
  • Wolfgang Grosschedel (1517 - 1562) , (breastplate)
  • Workshop of Anton Peffenhauser (c. 1525 - 1603)
  • Augsburg and Landshut, Germany
  • c. 1560- c. 1580
  • Steel, copper alloy, pierced
  • Weight: 24.72 kg, total weight
  • Mark: Three crescent-shaped marks Punched
    Armourer's mark: Probably 'LR'
    Mark: Bindenschild court mark of Austria
    Armourer's mark: Wolfgang Grosschedel of Landshut
    Mark: Five crescent-shaped marks Punched
    Mark: Three small dots Punched
    Mark: Four dots Punched
    Mark: Probably 'W' and a dot
    Mark: Pearled 'A'
  • A46
  • European Armoury III
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