The Wallace Collection

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  • Morion
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • North Italy, probably Brescia
  • c. 1590
  • Iron or steel, gold and copper alloy, blued, etched and gilt
  • Height: 26.9 cm
    Weight: 1.37 kg
  • A135
  • European Armoury III
Further Reading
  • Morion of the 'Spanish' style, having a pear-shaped skull with a stalk at its apex, sloping brim peaked front and rear, the edges turned under. At the base of the skull is a row of brass-headed lining-strap rivets with brass washers with scalloped edges (see also those on Wallace Collection A138, etc). Several of the rivets are missing. Below the lining rivets, at the junction of skull-piece and brim, is a row of small rivet holes. At the back is fixed a tubular, brass plume-holder.
    The surface is blued and etched in outline with gilt strapwork, the ends terminating in winged monsters and putti, and enclosing in the centre an oval panel containing an equestrian warrior in classical dress.

    This kind of Italian blued and gilt decoration was the alternative to the so-called 'Pisan' style found on North Italian armours of the second half of the sixteenth century. It is exemplified in the series of so-called 'Papal' armours (e.g. Museo Stibbert, No. 3964, one in the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge, and one at Abbotsford), bearing a design of sabres and balls on the breasts, which Cav. Marzoli believes to have been made at Brescia (cf. No. A134).