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Close-helmet with falling buffe
  • Close-helmet with falling buffe
  • Hans Ringler
  • Nuremberg, Germany
  • c. 1535
  • Iron or steel, gold, copper alloy and textile, etched, blackened and gilt
  • Weight: 2.88 kg
  • A181
  • European Armoury III
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  • Close-helmet of burgonet form, of very large size. Ridged skull, pierced with a small crest hole and twelve pairs of holes for the lining-laces, and with four sunken parallel bands etched with masks, nude figures, shields, musical instruments and trophies of arms on a granulated ground fully gilt (it appears to have been retouched in places); the raised surface is blackened; pointed peak or fall with roped edge, pivoted on rosette-headed rivets; falling-buffe of two plates which are held in position by spring-catches: the upper pierced with four vertical rows of holes, the lower with twenty-four vertical slits; the lower bevor fastens to the skull by a spring-catch on the right side, and is extended downwards so as to dispense with a gorget-plate; gorget of two plates, the lower edges, like those of the chin-piece, turned under, roped and bordered with brass-headed rivets for the lining straps (of which parts remain); decorated like other parts with sunken bands etched and gilt; it retains its quilted lining. The decoration matches the gauntlets and cuirass of A29 in the Wallace Collection.
    The size and the style of the gilt-etched decoration of this helmet suggest that it is part of the same garniture of Otto Heinrich from which these parts come, although it does not appear to have come with the rest of this composite equestrian armour from the Meyrick Collection.