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  • Spur
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • France
  • 19th century
  • Steel, silver and gold, embossed, punched, and gilded
  • Weight: 0.09 kg
  • A387
  • European Armoury III
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  • Spur, a nineteenth-century restoration to make up a pair with A386, of steel, with silver hatched on and fire-gilt all over. The inlaid silver sheet is in the form of oval and rectangular plates embossed, possibly mechanically, with masks, trophies, strapwork, and candelabra ornament.

    The encrusting includes small silver pearls and cinquefoils. The background is decorated with a fret of punched dots. Slender sides, swan neck with small applied rosettes in silver; small, star-shaped rowel of eight points, gilt; a double hook on one side; the buckle and hook which would have been on the other side are now missing.

    An early seventeenth-century sword hilt at Veste Coburg is decorated in this manner and with very similar designs (no. II A73), as is a sword hilt in the German Historical Museum, Berlin (Muller and Kolling, 1981, no. 138), another in the Musée de l' Armée, Paris (no. J.192; Mariaux, 1927, pI. XV), and yet another in the Harding collection in the Art Institute of Chicago (no. 2088). Similar decoration also occurs on a pistol with a wheel-lock of French construction in the Musée de l' Armée, Paris (no. M.1694).