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  • Stirrup
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy
  • c. 1550
  • Bronze and gold, chased and gilded
  • Height: 11.1 cm, arch
    Width: 11.1 cm, tread
    Weight: 0.74 kg
  • A425
  • European Armoury III
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  • Stirrup, of cast bronze, chased and gilt. The sides of the arch are decorated with candelabra ornament including a tazza of fruit at the top, foliage, two female satyrs back to back, two mermaids back to back, and at the lower edge two harpies. The box at the top for the stirrup leather is covered in front with an openwork composition of two small boys seated facing each other supporting a basket of fruit, pierced and chiselled.

    A stirrup in the Kienbusch collection, now in the Philadelphia Museum of Art, has identical decoration on its arch, but the box has a lion's mask with ram's horns (cat., no. 260, pI. LXXXIII). They are also of the same type as the stirrup illustrated by Zschille and Forrer, Die Steigbügel, pl. XI, fig. 3 (now Museo Stibbert, no. 3479)