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  • Rapier
  • Caino , Swordsmith
  • Milan, Italy
  • c. 1610
  • Iron, steel and silver, encrusted
  • Length: 125.7 cm
    Length: 111.2 cm, blade
    Width: 2.5 cm
    Weight: 1.38 kg
  • Maker's mark: 'CAINO' with 'S' after, on its side
    Maker's mark: Crowned 'S' and 'CAINO', the 'S' on its side
  • A564
  • European Armoury III
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  • Rapier, the swept hilt composed of a pommel with flat button; wire-bound grip (modern); straight crossguard of circular section swelling towards the ends; knuckle-guard branching into loops on each side joining the hilt-arms, that on the inside divides into three bars; at the end of the hilt-arms is a side-ring enclosing a solid shell; the bars are of circular section decorated with flowing scroll-work, and dots encrusted in silver on a ground now russet in colour, and similar to A563, the pommel being decorated en suite. Double-edged blade of diamond section, marked with an S and inscribed ‘CAINO’.

    Norman and Barne, 1980, pp. 133 and 360.