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  • Halberd
  • Lambert (Lamprecht) Koller (1640 - 1681)
  • Switzerland
  • 1663 - 1681
  • Iron or steel, wood
  • Length: 37.5 cm
    Width: 17.8 cm, at greatest
    Weight: 2.04 kg
  • Maker's mark stamped
  • A951
  • European Armoury I
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  • Halberd, with a head with a tapering top-spike ending in a strong point of diamond section; axe-blade with straight cutting-edge, pierced with a cross, a short fluke forming an angle of about 45 degrees, stamped with the maker's mark; the blade split to form a socket and extended as two side-straps, the whole made in one piece.

    Swiss, 1663-81.

    The pierced cross is a feature of the late 17th-century halberds, known even at that period as 'Sempach halberds'. This example bears the mark attributed to Lambert or Lamprecht Koller of Würenlos in Canton Argau (1640-81). He made about 1,127 halberds for the Zurich arsenal between 1663 and 1681. He was in the service of the Abbey of Wettingen, and also made halberds for Schwyz (see Meier, in Stüber & Wetter, 1982, pp. 223-50, figs. 16-16b and 24b). Others with the same mark were, or are, in the Boissonas Collection, no. 41; in the Historical Museum at Bern, nos. 1411 and 1412; and in the Deutsches Historisches Museum, Berlin (formerly the Museum für Deutsche Geschichte).