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  • Partizan
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy or France
  • c. 1600
  • Iron or steel, gold, copper alloy, velvet and silk, etched and gilt
  • Length: 237.5 cm
    Length: 63.5 cm, head
    Weight: 3.11 kg
  • A993
  • European Armoury III
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  • Partizan, with a broad, tapering, two-edged head of flattened diamond section, with small crescent-shaped flukes in the lower part, the point of one being broken. The surface is decorated for half its length on each side with intricate etched and gilt ornament, comprising a central oval cartouche containing a male bust (on one side a bearded king, on the other a warrior) between trefoil-shaped panels of trophies of arms above and below; the remaining spaces are filled with scrolled foliage and terminal monsters. The etching is of fine quality. The socket is etched with strapwork, foliage and half-figures. Transverse brass lug in the form of a twisted scorpion. Large elaborately woven tassel of gold thread with a fringe of green silk.

    Octagonal staff covered with green velvet, studded with nails with large, oval, brass heads around which are arranged in a pattern smaller nails with round heads formerly gilt. Moulded brass ferrule. The staff and tassel appear to be original.

    Possibly French, about 1600.

    Lièvre, Musées et collections, 1 Ser., pl. 58 (Spitzer); and Musée Graphique pl. 5.

    Provenance: F. Spitzer.