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Archer's bracer
  • Archer's bracer
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Flanders
  • 1608
  • Ivory, leather and steel, engraved
  • Length: 16 cm
    Weight: 0.14 kg
  • Inscription: '1608'
    Signature: 'N.F.'
    Inscription: 'ADRIEN PHLIPPE' Probably that of the owner
  • A1062
  • European Armoury III
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  • Archer’s bracer, of ivory, gutter-shaped and slightly tapering. It is prominently engraved with the figure of St. Adrian in classical costume, dated 1608, and the bottom bears the signature N.F. Below is the name ADRIEN PHLIPPE, probably that of the owner. At the bottom is a small panel engraved with a representation of an armourer working in his forge. The borders on either side and above are engraved with cherubs and foliage. The straps for attachment remain and are secured by three steel rivets on either side. A small portion of the upper edge is missing.

    Flemish, dated 1608.

    Compare similar bracers in the collection of the late Mr. Claes of Antwerp, sold Antwerp, Nov.-Dec., 1933, one of them (lot 216) being engraved with a figure of St. Adrian. Bracers are to be seen in the Scott Collection, Glasgow, on is in the Royal Armouries (ex-Hearst), another was in the Ullmann sale, Cologne, 1891, lot 321. A good example of an English archer's bracer of cuir bouilli bearing the Tudor rose, is in the British Museum.