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Double-feed wheel-lock
  • Double-feed wheel-lock
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Italy, possibly Brescia
  • c. 1640
  • Steel, engraved and chiselled
  • Length: 28.5 cm, lock-plate
    Weight: 1.47 kg
  • A1117
  • European Armoury III
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  • Double-feed wheel-lock, furnished with two cocks and an external wheel. The lock-plate is plain, except at the rear where it is engraved with floral scrolls, and terminates in a grotesque mask, finely chiselled in high relief. The cocks have baluster arms chiselled with foliage, and at the necks is a trilobate decoration, pierced and chiselled as flowers. Cock springs chiselled with floral scrolls and cut to form a grotesque female figure in profile. Semi-circular, ring-shaped bearing-plate, the ends pierced and chiselled with fruit and foliage. A plate pierced with floral ornament is in the centre of the wheel, fitting around the key spindle. Sliding pan-cover chiselled with foliage reminiscent of a dolphin's head. All screws used on the exterior have double turn-screw cuts. The interior mechanism is beautifully finished, the bridle and sear arm being chiselled and engraved with foliage like the front. The entire surface was originally blued, but has suffered considerably from oxidization.

    Italian, about 1640.

    A similar detached specimen is in the Victoria and Albert Museum, no. M 495-1927.

    Carpegna, Firearms, 1978, discusses locks of this type under no. 105, and attributes them tentatively to Brescia.