The Wallace Collection

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  • Gun
  • Unknown Artist / Maker
  • Turkey
  • late 18th century - early 19th century
  • Burr maple, watered steel, ebony, stained ivory, brass, gold and coral, engraved and inlaid
  • Length: 104 cm
    Weight: 2.69 kg
  • Maker's mark
    Mark: 'Amal y Hasayh'
  • OA2157
  • Oriental Armoury
Further Reading
  • The stock, carved from burr maple, is richly inlaid with decorative motifs incorporating stained ivory, brass and ebony. The barrel is of octagonal section, constructed with ‘pattern-welded’ steel forged in a spiral ‘damascus-twist’ pattern, and rifled for accurate shooting. Ottoman-made gun barrels of this type were very highly prized throughout Europe and the East. Even at this date, of course, the sword was still preferred by many as a more ‘honourable’ weapon requiring skill and dedication to master; Kurtbay, a noted Egyptian Mameluke warlord, appealed to the Ottoman Sultan to abandon the use of firearms, on the grounds that a rifle or musket could be deadly ‘even if a woman were to fire it’.