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Gobelet et soucoupe 'enfoncé' of the first size
  • Cup and Socketed Saucer
  • Gobelet et soucoupe 'enfoncé' of the first size
  • Manufacture de Sèvres
  • Possibly Pierre-Antoine Méreaud the Elder, (mouches d'or)
  • Sèvres, France
  • c. 1769 - 1770
  • Soft-paste porcelain, painted and gilded
  • Cup, Height: 8.9 cm
    Saucer, Height: 4.2 cm
    Saucer, Diameter: 15.3 cm
  • Factory mark: Interlaced Ls Painted
    Incised mark: 'gtn'
  • C445
  • Study
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  • This cup and saucer were not used at the dinner table but intended to serve hot drinks in the bedroom or boudoir. They would have been used to serve tea and chocolate or for the milk drinks commonly prescribed to those suffering from fever, depression, or the effects of too much alcohol. For these milk diets hot or cold milk was mixed with water, wine, beer, herbal or savoury stocks and cereals. The deep-socketed saucer would have steadied the cup which suggests that this model was intended for the sick consuming drinks in bed. Introduced in 1762, it may have been specifically designed for Madame de Pompadour who was of increasingly poor health and bought several examples.
    Both pieces are decorated with gilded discs, known as ‘mouches d’or' and painted with cherubs on clouds. Stylistically, these figures are very different from the Boucher-cherubs that were so popular st Vincennes and Sèvres in the 1750s.